Pallet Restoration

Job Type: Full-time

Reports To: Operations Manager

Salary Type: Non-exempt Hourly

Unique Responsibilities:

  • Pallet Sorting – Physically separating and sorting A and B Grade 48″ x 40″ GMA pallet cores from odd-size and scrap pallets.
  • Pallet Repair – Repairing A and B grade 48″ x 40″ GMA pallet cores by replacing broken boards and stringers using a pneumatic nail gun.
  • Pallet Dismantling – Dismantling scrap pallets using a Smart Products 10 HP band saw dismantler to recover reusable stringers, deck boards, and lead boards to be used during pallet repair.

Additional Responsibilities:

  • Ensure the safety of the facility, fellow workers and yourself.
  • Completing productivity reports on a daily basis.
  • As directed, assist with the overall housekeeping of the building and property including but not limited to: sweeping of plant walkways and warehouse area, removal of loose debris from around property and scale, landscaping, shoveling and sanding.
  • Will perform any other job duties and functions as directed or deemed necessary by senior management.

Essential Skills:

  • Experience with pallet building, dismantling and repairing.
  • Experience with pneumatic nail guns and band saw dismantlers.
  • Fluent and literate in the English language.
  • Basic mathematics necessary to complete daily productivity reports.
  • Ability to follow basic instructions.
  • Absolute dependability.
  • Demonstrates initiative to complete assigned tasks.

Northstar Pulp & Paper offers a competitive benefits package including a 401K match

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