Northstar Pulp & Paper is the recipient of a Massachusetts DEP Grant of $90,000 to finance the installation of improved cleaning technologies to expand our abilities to process post-consumer materials.  The cleaning equipment includes two Sterling Elutriation systems to remove fines, labels, and dust from our products and Bunting Magnets and Separation Equipment to eliminate metal contamination within our finished product.


Northstar improves its plastic processing capabilities with the investment in a Vecoplan RG52 Shredder.  This shredder provides a 100% increase in our capabilities to process larger plastics, including large purge chunks, plastic pallets, and other large parts.


Northstar Pulp & Paper Company celebrates the installation of a new Bollegraaf HBC 120 Baler. The new baler produces a 20% denser product while reducing energy usage and run-time.


Invested in a CMG plastic shredder and two Cumberland granulators to process post-industrial plastics. These machines now operate sixteen hours per day and supply end-users throughout the United States with 3/8” plastic regrind.


Invested in a Williams XL-70 shredder and an American Baler to handle product destruction and difficult materials such as hard and soft cover books.


Northstar’s brokerage operation is spun off to become Northstar Recycling Company, a separate business.


99 Guion Street, an adjacent building formerly housing Hano Business Forms, is acquired to provide for future growth.


50,000 square foot expansion is made to house a state-of-the-art Bollegraaf HBC 110 Baler.


Corporate Headquarters are established with the acquisition of 89 Guion Street Springfield, MA, which formerly housed Technicarbon.


Offices are moved to Agawam, Massachusetts and we resume our plant operations with a warehouse in Easthampton, MA.